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Neuromodulation/Implantable Devices

Neuromodulation is an advanced technology designed to deliver therapeutic relief directly to the nerves causing a patient’s pain. It is typically used in patients who have conditions or diseases that cause chronic pain that has not otherwise sufficiently responded to other treatment methods. For many, neuromodulation is a life-altering treatment that restores quality of life.


What is Neuromodulation?

As the name implies, neuromodulation is the modulation of certain neuropathic functions responsible for causing pain. These alterations are made by administering low impulse electrical currents or traditional pain medications straight to an affected area of the nerves. Treatments are delivered via implantable devices that are controlled externally. We offer three types of neuromodulation:

Spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation deliver low voltage electrical stimulation to targeted nerves to encourage the body to produce a positive biological reaction that obstructs pain signals in the brain. The stimulation comes from an implantable generator placed near the affected nerves. Spinal cord stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation is controlled remotely by the patient, rather than a doctor.

The intrathecal pain pump, on the other hand, delivers concentrated doses of pharmaceutical medications directly to the source of pain, rather than requiring a patient to ingest and metabolize medications orally. The pain medication is automatically delivered through pumps implanted in the body with chambers that are easily refilled every few months in a short office visit.

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